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7 Arcos Recordings began its history September 1, 2004, with 9 releases on its roster. All the albums are unique. Featured are new rock releases as well as vintage recordings, never before released works that have subsequently become collectors items. 7 Arcos artists have received several awards, among them are "Artist of the Year 2006-2007" by Makato Musicians, "Gold Artist Award" by RadioIndy", "Most Popular Album" by Promonet, "Five Star Global Rating" by Kangar Radio, "Mid-West Most Popular Band" nomination by RadioIndy!

In June 2005, the 7 Arcos Recordings catalogue became available on all the major digital retail stores such as: Rhapsody, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and many more worldwide - for those who prefer to download complete albums as well as single tracks. 

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SotoSoundz ® is a unique, energetic, dynamic force live as well as in the studio. SotoSoundz music has received critical acclaim from within the music industry as well as from fans worldwide - featuring Jozy Karen Sotomayor, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist and Artist of the Year 2006-2007 Winner.

"Strong songs and vocals from this award winning US performer!"  The Engine Room, Brighton UK



SotoSoundz - "A Mind Altering Music Vibe!"


Sweet Life

Life brings all kinds of things your way. Some things are wondrous, new and take a lifetime to achieve. Perception is everything....make it clear & precise.

SotoSoundz mind altering music vibe album SWEET LIFE. Dynamic, Diverse and New.

"The Rock Attack Continues!"....SotoSoundz



Sweet Life... "The Hard Hitting Single"

The Rider... "Psychedelia out on the range"

In Your Dreams

Slaughter... "Straight ahead garage rock mix"

Lead The Way... "Uplifting & beautiful"

Moonlight High Tide

Glorious Voices

Karen Sotomayor: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Mandolin , Native Flute

Lyrics & Music by: Karen Sotomayor

Produced & Mastered by: Karen Sotomayor


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What is the deepest, most dangerous secret in the dark shadow of your reality?


The frighteningly good new EP from SotoSoundz.

Right To Fight

My Baby



Karen Sotomayor: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica

Words & Music: Karen Sotomayor

Produced by: Karen Sotomayor

Mastered by: Fran Ashcroft


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Your Game!

Hot on the heels of "The Slightly Wicked West" comes SotoSoundz  third album, "Your Game!" -  cool as a drink from a underground cavern. Out of the towering rock - ghost head of Cochise, like a steed of thunder rides over the shimmering desert into the microphone undefeated!

Your Game

Sad Eyes

Set Me Free


Walk Away


In Your Heart or In Your Head

Warrior Dance

As The Sun

"This is some right-raw-rock!!!"


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Octopus Head

so-to-soundz (n) a phantasmagoria of garage psychedelia: 8 tentacles of wonder from the barrel of a shooting star. The Electric Cat's pure expression[see also <Jefferson Airplane><Velvet Underground><Count 5>]

SotoSoundz first album, Octopus Head, sits snugly in that enviable echo chamber where Roy Orbison meets Grace Slick at a Kings of Leon show and bumps into The Doors on the waaay out!!!

Burnin' With Desire

Situation Opportunist

You've Got That Somethin' That I Want

Just A Little Jam...Please

Do I?

That's Called Life

The Spell You're Under


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Octopus Head Reviews

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July 1, 2006 - Top Album, by Promonet!






The Slightly Wicked West

Hola! The fabled Arizona combo rides into town with their second album in their holsters. Cinemascope, peyote guitars haunt the desert landscape and echo through the canyons of your dreams.

Between The Eyes

Chicago's Girl

Sorry Not Your Kind

Cat Prowl

Freedom Ride

What You'll Never Know

Just A Man

All You People

At Your Backdoor


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"The Slightly Wicked West" is a great release. Love the
production on it, really I was quite pleased! Great job on this release. Ron Burd, Music Director, CIUT-FM Radio Toronto

"The Slightly Wicked West", Receives 5 Stars at MSN Music!!!


A great record...doesn't sound like anything else!

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Situation Opportunist -Video

WOW!!! No same old Video stuff here...

It's A video you'll enjoy watching over and over again! Don't miss showing it at your Next Groovy Do either!


With a definite (The) Doors sound to their music, Karen Sotomayor (everything but drums) & E.J. Trbovic (drums), create a dark infectious tune which leaves you grooving by the end of the video!  Europe.real.com

Wow! Very artsy ...like a Velvet Underground jam... pretty cool.: - ultraviva  Cincinnati, Ohio

Wow its actually alternative! its even an alternative to alternative: - dander  Mountain View, California







Brasil FM 145.2

Jozy Karen Sotomayor talks about SotoSoundz, Octopus Head and the upcoming album with producer Fran Ashcroft, broadcast as part of a two-hour SotoSoundz special on Markus M's Alternative Music Radio FM 145.2 Brazil


SotoSoundz Lyric Book - A Fantastic Journey

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Infectious Tunez Management

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Congratulations Karen Sotomayor!





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Classic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Vintage Recordings!

True Classic Metal!!!

SAINT - Nominated "Midwest Most Popular Band!"  By RadioIndy! November 2006












SAINT – A Blast From The Past

Collectors Item!

In the mid to late 70's, the unique Chicago power trio, Saint, played the city circuit as far north as Milwaukee Wisconsin. In 1982 they released their first 6 song EP, Original Sin, on Heaven Records, in the USA and Europe. One of the strongest independent Chicago releases of the time, this slice of vintage vinyl has subsequently become a collectors item. 

By the end of '82, the band recorded & mastered what was to be their last and most dynamic assortment of hard rock songs, with noted British producer Iain Burgess at the helm once more. Saint were at their peak in every way, both in & out of the studio. 7 Arcos Recordings is delighted to release this hitherto unreleased work - A Blast from the Past!



Let Us Be

Change For The Better

Just A Man

The Spell You're Under

I Tried

This original recording has not been digitally re-mastered or messed with.


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Ah, Yes I Love It !

Excellent classic rock music!

Amazing & really good quality!

I feel the pressure rising!!!

I like it!

Saint: A Blast From The Past
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock / Rating by Kangar Radio *****

Saint is a power trio that started in the mid to late 70’s in Chicago. Despite a release date of 1982, Saint has passed the test of time with its tracks “Seeker”, “I Tried” and “Change for the Better” with Karen Sotomayor’s belting out the songs and a great trio backing her if you like hard rock and are a fan of classic Heart, or Lita Ford, Saint can hold their own against them any day. Eric Larson on the drums is a treat in itself. It was real hard to pick a track here for the top 40 of November!!
Andrew Allan Rating: - 5 STARS!
Global Rating: - 5 STARS!






SAINT - Original Sin

Collectors Item!

Reissued for the first time since its release in Summer 1982.


NIGHT ROCK      August 1982

Stax of New Wax by Van Pudio

Saint / Original Sin -

This 6 song EP by one of the most intriguing trios around is hard rock and pop based, produced with a "live" feel to help capture the bands immediately catchy style. Side B is the more powerful, almost straight ahead rock, while side A has a few new wave nuances that can't be denied. Either way, Saint's debut is one of the strongest independent Chicago releases to spin across my turntable in some time. A glimpse of  Scream N' Shout It and Burnin' With Desire demonstrate Saint's appeal very well. Amen!


Time After Time /Burnin' With Desire/For You/Deepest Seas/Smoke Again Rock Again/Scream N' Shout It


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SAINT - The Single

Collectors Item!

Knock, knock, knock..."Louie it's 10 o'clock!" Saint's final recordings were made on a 4 track cassette recorder at the band's own studio/rehearsal space. The only remaining copy of the 1983 sessions is on cassette, but we enjoyed Takin' A Ride and So Many Ways We Pay so much, we decided to restore the tapes and issue the songs as a single.


Takin' A Ride

So Many Ways We Pay


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SAINT 79 - 80

Collectors Item!

1979, 1980

Breakin' A Heart

Gone Away

New Day

Chicago's Heavy Metal band Saint produced a fine recording. Of special interest is New Day. Night Rock Magazine, April 1981


Bonus Tracks, 1978


Frame Of Mind


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Chicago's own SAINT  -  Live at Tuts

Special Order - Collectors Item!

Wednesday August 18, 1982

"Local rock trio Saint, debut their 6 song EP. Original Sin, on Heaven Records" - Illinois Entertainer, August 1982

This album was taped at the band's record release party for their Original Sin EP, and features 3 otherwise unavailable songs.


Deepest Seas/Smoke Again Rock Again/Scream N' Shout It/Time After Time/Burnin' With Desire/For You/Let Us Be/Change For The Better/So Many Ways We Pay/Seeker/Rapid Fire/Rhythm Song/The Spell You're Under/Without The Likes Of You/ Frame Of Mind






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