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ITM is a subsidiary of 7 Arcos Recordings and Management division for SotoSoundz & Karen Sotomayor.

ITM is the liaison that facilitates Bookings, Licensing and Promotional Opportunities.

ITM enlists & welcomes the assistance of subcontractors such as Management Companies, Tour Managers, Venue Promoters, Booking Agencies as well as Publicity Firms.

SotoSoundz is a unique, energetic, dynamic force live as well as in the studio. SotoSoundz music has received critical acclaim from within the music industry as well as from fans worldwide - featuring Karen Sotomayor, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Artist of the Year 2006-2007.

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For SotoSoundz, Karen Sotomayor  - Bookings,  Interviews & Publicity.

Licensing Opps. for - SotoSoundz, Karen Sotomayor, Saint.

SotoSoundz & Karen Sotomayor EPK available upon request.

SotoSoundz DPK for radio programmers available upon request.


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